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If you have been injured on the job, or in an accident, it is imperative to seek legal assistance to ensure you get what you deserve. Michael J. Laucello has won millions of dollars for his clients and has the experience you need for your case. With over 30 years experience in the legal field, Michael J. Laucello is the trusted lawyer in Utica, Clinton, and the surrounding NY areas.

Construction site accidents often result in significant injuries. Because construction work necessarily involves serious risks, specific laws, rules, and regulations protect workers on construction sites. An experienced lawyer can advise you as to whether your accident was caused by a violation of these legal requirements.

Divorce is a creature of state law. Each state has its own body of law-both statutory and decisional-governing the dissolution of marriage. Since Mr. Laucello practices divorce law in the State of New York, the following discussion will focus on the divorce law of New York State.

At Michael J. Laucello, we work tirelessly to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for injuries resulting from someone else's negligence. If you have been injured in an accident, it's imperative to have a trusted attorney to fight on your behalf. Michael J. Laucello has the knowledge, skill, and experience to protect you.

Social Security Disability Income cases can be complex. Be sure to seek legal help to get the outcome you deserve. Social security disability income (SSDI) is a benefit which the federal government provides to those who are found to be disabled according to legal standards set by federal law. The disability standard for SSDI is different from the standards for workers' compensation or no-fault insurance lost wage claims, both of which look to whether or not you can perform the duties of the job you were doing at the time of the accident which gave rise to those benefits.

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