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A landowner has a legal duty to use reasonable care to maintain his property in a safe condition, and he can be found liable to you for money damages if it is proven that his negligence in maintaining the property caused you to sustain injuries.

Photographs of the accident scene should be taken as soon after the accident as possible, and an expert should inspect the accident site promptly. Preservation of evidence is crucial to your case, and if the condition of the property is changed before an expert can inspect it, your ability to prove your case can be severely prejudiced.

Landowner's Negligence Experience

Mike Laucello has extensive experience representing those injured due to a landowner's negligence in maintaining his property, and he will evaluate your case FREE of charge.
Examples of possible negligence claims against a landowner include the following:

  • Collapse of a Bridge, Roof, Floor, Wall, or Porch
  • Failure to Properly Guard Openings in Floors and Pavements
  • Failure to Protect Against Construction Site Hazards
  • Defective Railings
  • Defective Stairs
  • Failure to Use Reasonable Care to Remove Snow and Ice
  • Negligent Design and/or Maintenance of Highways
  • Failure to Place Proper Warning Signs
  • Failure to Provide Proper Security
  • Lead Paint Poisoning
  • Chemical Contamination

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